I don’t think I’ve ever seen the sky like this before and it’s incredible

'are you flirting with me or are you like this to everyone' a classic novel by me

.. I’d like to know more about you.


*leans against wall*

*sips a capri sun*



people that argue with cashiers are the worst kind of people


attitude [2014.HOT 100]

No.9 - Zayn Malik

"It seems the chiselled beauty of Mr Malik has proven most pleasing on the eye. Still only 20, he boasts a handsome Hollywood idol face and lithe body to dire for. Zayn should be chuffed as he is the numero uno One Direction on the list! Although be might be miffed to find out he’s taken a step in the wrong direction, slipping four places since last year."


lets play a game called ‘i feel like i’m bothering you with everything i say so i won’t make any attempts at contact until you message me first’

  • me: i want the thing
  • someone: i'll buy you the thing
  • me: nonono i can't let you do that